Friday, 15 July 2016

Killer Jokes On Fasting With Funny Quotes,Pictures-Full On Comedy ;)

Enjoy Some Of The Best Funny Jokes On Fasting,Funny Fasting Quotes

fasting jokes

1.F***ing once a week is good for ur health but harmful if done everyday.

2. F***ing gives proper relaxation for ur mind and body

3. F***ing refreshes you.

4. After F***ing, don't eat too much. Go for fruits and liquids.

5. F***ing can reduce ur cholesterol level.

So FASTING is good for ur health.

Start FASTING today!!!

God forgive your dirty mind.

what were you thinking of?
Wife: "Aaj nahi! Aaj mera vrat hai!"

Coming soon!
Only for fasting days! 
"Ab upvas mein bhi sahavaas"

What kind of food is permitted to eat while fasting? 

Fast food.

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