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Here I have shared some of the best funny jokes about snakes with hilarious quotes,one liners,riddles,pictures.

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A dangerous snake that has astonished the scientists in the whole world has been discovered today in the morning according to BBC...

the strangest snake that keeps on increasing 0.5 centimetre every second and if in any case it touches any part of it's body using its own body it dies immediately. 

This is the world's most dangerous and poisonous snake and this type of snake can be seen in Nokia 1100 mobile phones under games option..thanks for reading this very carefully.
snake jokes one liners

"two snakes chating in the jungle" snake 1: hey buddie are we poisonous? Snake 2: why do u ask? Snake 3: i have just bit my tongue.

Why did the snake cross the road?
To get to the other ssssssside!

How Whites React When They See A Snake In Their House: 

Hey Guys We Have A Visitor Today,Nicole Could You Please Go To My Room And Bring That Phonebook.It's Okay Don't Be Scared,I'll Call The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To

Tracey,Stay Calm Sweetheart,Mommy Won't Let It Bite You okay? Stay Right Where You Are Coz We Dn't Wanna Get It Mad Lets N0t Hurt It,Its God Creature BLACKS: [On top of a table and screaming]"Atje atje, tjewen!

YooOOo Mmaweee,Noga,noga thusang,thusang ! Portia Tsamaisa Otle le Matlapa Nextdoor,Le
TLeng Le Kota Ya Lefielo,Garafo ,Plus Le Paraffin,Sphiwe bea Metsi Ao Fisa

Ka Ketlela,Today Ya Nyela,Ba Nyaka Go Re L0ya,Nthabiseng tswalla Lebati E Ska Tshaba,Ira Ka Pela Jou Murr