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Wife was in ICU !
Husband was unable to control his tears .
Doctor: we are trying our best , but can't assure for anything. Her body is not reacting . It seems she is in coma.
Husband: Doctor please save her she is merely 30 years old yet .
At sudden something happen miraculous ECG started rating,, a hand moves, her lips mumble, & she spoke out
Dear i m 27 not 30

funny icu jokes

2 cockroach icu ma admit huwe

1st-kisne mara ?

2nd-Arey kise na nae... ye pagal ladkiya mujhe dekh ke etne zor se chillati hain ki heartattack aagaya !

Dollar on an escalator......rupee on a ventilator....nation in icu....we are in coma ....onion in showroom.....god bless india

The only way to save the Rupee is to have it tie a rakhi to
the Dollar and say "Meri raksha karna!

How to Kill an Ant ? (Asked in exam for 15 marks..)

Student’s Answer : "Mix Chilli Powder with Sugar & keep it outside the Ant’s Hole..
After eating, Ant will search for some water near a water tank...

Push ant in to it.. Now ant will go to dry it self near fire...

When it reaches fire, put a bomb into the fire... Then admit wounded ant in ICU...

Remove oxygen mask from its mouth and kill the ant..."

MORAL : Don’t play with Engineers,
they can do anything for 15 marks... 

A Bonus Joke For You

Ek aadmi sharaab peeke ghar aaya Aur sote sote bhagwan ko pyaara ho gaya Upar jaakar usne bhagwan se jeene ka dusra chance maanga,

Bhagwan ne use murgi bana kar bhej diya Murgi bankar usne ek andaa diya, Usne jaise hi ande ko dekha, uske hosh udd gaye Andaa SONE ka tha, Khushi se usne jor lagaya aur ek aur Anda diya aur wo bhi Sone ka.. Usne Teesra andaa dene ke liye phir jorr lagaya… 

To uske sar pe kisi ne joota maara Jab usne aankhein kholi, aur upar dekha.. To uski biwi chilla rahi thi, Utth ja kutte, Bistar pe hi Tatti kiye ja raha hai!
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