Thursday, 28 April 2016

Jokes On Architect With Funny Quotes,Pictures,One Liners

How about a 'home for 25 feeble minded boys" designed and built in the shape of a phallus and two testicles by Clough Williams-Ellis in about 1910.
Now that's what I call a joke!

For those who want to see it, try Princess Christian's Farm Colony, Hildenborough, Kent, England in Google Earth etc.

funny architect jokes

Sr. Architect to Jr. Architect : Tumhe aaj late evening tak kam karna padega!

Jr. Arch : kya hai saahab raat ko mere dhande ka time hota hai.

Sr. Arch : kya matlab ?

Jr. Arch : Sir raat ko Auto chalata hu... itni salary me ghar kahan chalta hai

Sr. Arch : Bas kar pagle rulayega kya. !! kabhi raat ko biwi bachon ko le ke aana meri pav-bhaji ki dukan pe!

Funny Architect Quotes

Q: Who designed Noah's ark?

A: An ark-itect !
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