Funny Email Inbox Messages

When I open my mail inbox, I find:

10 banks are giving me easy loans.

I have won GBP 10000000 and USD 500000 for unknown reasons.

10 Job companies have best jobs for me.

5 matrimonial sites have most suited matches for me.

Dr. Batra has claimed that he will cure my hair fall & greying.

3 universities are giving me degrees in random subjects.

Approx.200 mails from Priya,Payal, & Neha who are feeling lonely and want to meet me.

Zindagi main aur kya chahiye yaar…?

Dearest one, I know you may have been contacted in the past and your help solicited concerning an inheritance and may be it turned out to be a scam.

I was a servant at the presidential palace in Burkina Faso until when the president was overthrown. Presently we are in Cote d’Ivoire and the president is in hiding here.

He asked me to seek your assistance to help us move some money abroad. If you feel you can help us, kindly reply.

If however you are not willing to help us, please do not expose what I have revealed to you. I look forward to your quick response.

Hello... My name is David, a Member of the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU, France president of the Union of European Union Group of The Coca-Cola Company.

Right now we are working on a job for Coca cola in the United states and UK ,France,Canada.

I’d like to know if you are interested in modeling, for your photos would be displayed on billboards, magazines and all major international airports in the USA.

We go around selecting pictures and photos that fit the required standard we have set down, from different sites on the Internet such as dating and modeling sites.

I saw your photo on this site and i think they fit our criteria perfectly.Please let me know if you are interested in this Job. For starters, you get a $450 before photo shoot after which you may negotiate your contract pay.Its also may be a chance to attain noticeable fame.Please do not reply via this site, as your mail would not be answered.

Get back to me via if you are interested in this offer and I would give you further details.