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Joke On Indian Corruption

Teacher at class:"suno bachcho kal tum logo ka group photo shoot hoga,, . Sab log apne apne ghar se Rs.50/-le kr aana.

Pappu: "saala ye sab teacher logo ki mili bhagat hoti hai,,
Ek photo k 20/- rupye lagte hai aur hum
logo se 50_50 rupye liye ja rahe hai,, .
Matlab ek bachche se 30/- Rupye bachayenge matlab akele apni class me 60 bachche hai to 60*30=1800 Rs. . khuliLoot

macha rakhi hai in logo ne,,
Fir hamare paiso se ye sab staff room me baith k samosa khayenge aur hum bachchon ko milega thenga. Chal bhai tappu ghar chalte hai kal mummy se Rs.50/- le k aana,,
Bhalai ka to zamaa nahi nahi rah gaya,,
Pappu to mom: "Mummy kal school me group photo shoot hona hai teacher ne Rs.100/- rupye mangaye hai..

.Mom: 100 rs!! khuli loot macha rakhi hai in logo ne.

Fir hamare paiso se ye sab eish karenge...ruk pappu beta mei tere pappa se mangti hu...

are sunte ho...
pappu ke school mein group photo ke liye rs.200 mange hai :D


Indian politics corruption jokes

Indian politics corruption funny jokes

Greatest joke of d millenium:-
Teacher- Where is d CAPITAL of India?
Student- In Swiss Bank.

Narendra Modi to lead the BJP campaign for 2014, the Congress decided their leaders 42 years back.

Robert Vadra grows food for everybody; Sonia distributes food to everybody; Rahul eats food from everybody.

Rahul Gandhi doesn't want to marry or be PM. Obviously inspired by our  last two PMs. Vajpayee: Never married. Manmohan Singh: Was never PM.

Robert Vadra could say - "How can Kejriwal accuse me of corruption? Whatever I did to make all this money, was entirely in-law."

Pranab is doing this all wrong. In Pratibha Patil's time, no one tried  to protest outside Rashtrapati Bhavan. Because she was never home.

Now some Coalgate files are missing. Why can't they store files in a safe place? Perhaps, wherever they store their clean chits.

PA: Sir, people are saying Modi's speech was better than yours. MMS: Arey chill. Wait for Jan 30. I'll thulp him in the 2-minute silence.

Food Security Bill is an awesome  mechanism to ensure that Rahul Gandhi gets something to eat the next  time he piles on to a Dalit household.