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narendra modi funny jokes

jabse Narendra Modi "NaMo" bne hai, Rahul Gandhi "RaGa", Sushil Modi bne "SuMo". Jabse netao ke nam ki short form aane lagi hai mere do mitro "Harish Goel" or "Mukesh Tomar" ne rajneeti hi chhod di.
inka to thik hai par "Chobelal Dubey" ne to suicide hi kar liya.


Modi aur Trump flight se kahi jaa rahe the
Trump : agar mai yaha se ek crore rupees gira doon to ek crore log mujhe dua denge
Modi: agar mai 100 rupees gira doon to 100 crore log mujhe dua denge

Pilot ye dono ki baatein sunn raha tha aur bola
Poilt : agar mai tum dono ko yahan se gira doon to puri duniya mujhe dua degi

narendra modi foreign trips jokes

Murgi: 120rs/kg
Daal: 120/kg
Modi bharat ke pahle prime minister jinhone 'ghar ki murgi daal barabar' kahawat sach saabit kr di..!!

Nawaz Sharif: Modi Ji, how can we improve relations.
Modi: By exchange programs. We'll send Mayavati to Pak, you send Hina Rabbani to India."

Funny Speech Jokes By Narendra Modi

Modi:l- Mitron, ek joke suniye...
Mayawati- sunaiye
Modi- Seats.
Mayawati- I didnt get it.....
Modi- Exactly

Funny Jokes About Arvind Kejriwal & Narendra Modi

Kejriwal wife: When is modi's birthday?
Kejriwal : 17 september, but why?
*She starts beating him*
Kejriwal : Why are you beating me?
Kejriwal's Wife: Yesterday was my Birthday!!
feku jokes

There was 1 horse in a room full of donkeys.
Obama, Putin & Modi were called for a competition to find and bring out the horse.
Obama entered the room and came out of the room after 1 hour but empty handed.
Next Putin entered the room and came out of the room after 2 hours but empty handed.
Then our Modi Ji entered the room 

Within 5 minutes picked up the horse.
Times Now-wala Arnab Goswami triumphantly interviewed him and said..
"The nation wants to know how you managed to pull off this incomparable feat..."

Modi replied 
"I entered the room & said
"Achhe Din ane wale hain..."
Then, all the Donkeys started dancing...
"So it was easy to identify the Horse !!!"

Narendra Modi & Rahul Gandhi Jokes

Once Rahul & Narendra Modi, happen to be lost in a desert,
After days of walking without any water or food, They noticed a Mosque.
Rahul Said 2 Modi- "I will walk in saying that my name is Mohammad & You say that your name is Ahmad,

This way we will get some food. I have done this before too.
We can easily fool them.
Modi- No, i am Hindu Nationalist, I won't change my name, I will stick with my name.
They walked in.

Maulavi asked: Who are you?????
Rahul- My name is Mohammad.
Modi- I am Narendra Damordardas Modi.
Maulavi- Modi ji ko Pani dijiye aur Khana Khilayiye.
Aur Mohammad Miya,
Aapko Ramzan Mubarak

If u rearrange the letters "Narendra Modi" you get "Rare Diamond" but If you rearrange the letters "Sonia Gandhi" you get "Doshi Naagin"

"I don't believe in NASA, ISRO, I want to travel around the world and prove myself that earth is spherical"-Narendra Modi.

Modi's tour of Bihar completed. PM back on his foregin visit to UK.

There are two types of countries in this world
   a) Modi visited
   b) Modi not visited.


What does a Gujarati do when America denies him a Visa?
narendra modi water wind turbine joke