Top 8 Funny Demonetisation Jokes,Quotes,Memes With Images ;)

funny jokes on demonetisation

Here are some of the funny jokes,quotes,memes,and lot more funny things about the demonetisation 

Married people be like "Now we'll get to see how much money our wives hide behind us"
Trump: I am going to hog the limelight today.

Modi: Bro, please.

Demonetisation explained in simple terms:

Teacher: Agar 1 aam ke ped par 10 kele lage hain, aur unn mein se 7 amrood tod liye to kitne angoor bache?

Translation: If there are 10 bananas on 1 mango trees, out of them I picked up 7 guavas, then how many grapes are left?

Student: Sir, 9 Haathi

Translation: Sir, 9 Elephants

Teacher: Wah, tumhe kaise pata chala?

Translation: Good, how do you know?

Student: Sir, kyunki main aaj lunch mein gobhi ki sabzi laya hoon.

Translation: Sir, because I have brought cauliflower curry in lunch.

Moral of the Story:

Roz brush karo warna petrol mehnga ho jayega..

Translation: Brush everyday, else petrol’s price will rise.

[Nobody understood demonstration on November 8, 2016]

Maza tab aayega, jab Modi will say, “Bhai kal thodi zyada ho gayi thi, maaf kar do….”

Jiski jitni aukaat hoti hai wo itna bada faisla leta hai. Congress ne chavvani ban kari thi

Caught by traffic police - “Sir, ye lo hazaar”
TP - “Sir, aaj sau mein hi chal jayega”

People who'll rush to exchange notes on the very first day are the very same people who have been ignoring set top box installation deadlines.

Modi appointed Smriti as HRD minister in 2014 so dat youngsters wouldn't be able to understand economics, demonetization was so well planned.