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Virginity is like a Balloons , one prick and it's gone for ever!
Sex Is Like A Pack Of Chips, Once You Start,You Can't Stop. , once you start you....can't stop !

An Exam Paper is like a Dic# , when it.hard...people get f#cked !

Education is like hiring a Prostitutes, it needs both your money and your hardwork ...!

SUCCESS! like Masturbating , only your own hand can let you achieve it!

So basically life is........PORNOGRAPHY

"You took my Daughters Virginity!" 

"I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again."

virginity jokes

My Virginity Was LOST!!
We Kissed, He pushed me in the Bed,

He told me I shouldn't be scared,
He told me I shouldn't feel bad,

My Virginity Was Lost,
I told him I wanted everything Perfect,
He told me everything Was Right, 
Why didn't it Feel Right??

Damn He was a Pervert.
My Virginity Was Lost,
I threw him a Condom,
He said F#ck the Condom,

He kissed me while throwing my clothes on the floor,
He locked the door,
He told me not to scream,

He said this is like Eating Ice-Cream,
He said this was like a dream.
My Virginity Was Lost,
As he Went Faster,
As he went deeper,

The more Pain I felt, 
After all this,

Blood scattered the bed,
I took my pants and my belt,
I felt sick and Bad.

My Virginity was lost,
He said to me,
Thanks for the service,
you may now leave the section,
As he threw my bag,
These words I shall remember,

He left me with an infant, Few Months Passed,
He died of AIDS, Meaning I had it too!
My virginity was lost,

He played me,
He used me as his tool, How can he be so Cruel??
I thought he was cool, Damn I was a Fool,
My Virginity was Lost!
Ladies Know Your Worth

I`m like your virginity, Once I’m gone, you aren’t getting me back. 

Who broke your virginity?
1. I was raped
2. Uncle/aunt
3. Teacher
4. Maid
5. Husband/wife
6. Current boyfrnd/ girlfrnd
7. I am still virgin
8. Stepfather/ stepmother
9. Cousin
10. Pastor
11. Employer
12. Schoolmate
13. Naighbour
14. Others
15. Yourself*masturbation*

Dear girls...
touch his heart.. not his pocket..
bring him home.. not in five star hotel..
steal his tears... not his balance...

Dear boys...
try to touch her heart... not her body...
bring her home to introduce ur parents.. not to get her in ur
steal her tears not her virginity

Lose virginity with girl I really like - ironically 
She breaks up with me the next week - as a joke 
I pretend not to care - ironically 
Drunk text - ironically

Try to get her back - ironically 
Call her new boyfriend a douche then run away - as a dare 
Have counselling - ironically 
(After she blocks me on Facebook) - AS A JOKE

losing virginity jokes

chuck norris's daughter lost her virginity....he got it back

Virginity Test
Son:Dad,I want to marry,how can
I know if my wife is a virgin?

Dad: Do virginity test..
Son: What do you mean?

Dad : Buy a red and blue paint
Son: How can that help?

Dad: Paint your left ball with the blue paint,and your right ball with the red
paint,when you want to have sex,remove your underwear;

If she says , "i have never seen strange balls like this in my life, that mean she's not a Virgin..

Case close..
Virginity is like a balloon one prick and its gone for ever. Sex is like a pack of chips once you start yuh can't stop. Exam paper is like a penis, when it gets hard u are fucked. Education is like a prostitute it needs both your money and your hard work. Success is like masturbating, only your own hand can let u achieve it. So basically life is pornography!