Hilarious Aerobics Puns & Witty Quotes On Aerobics

funny aerobics jokes

A woman with really hairy armpits boards a bus. Unable to find a seat, she hangs on to one of the poles.

A drunk man looks up at her in amazement and says, " I love a woman that does aerobics!"
" I don't do aerobics!!'' the woman replies angrily.

"Then how did you get your leg up so high?" asks the drunk.

A woman on the phone to her friend; I feel like my body has gotten totally out of shape, so I got my doctor's permission to join a fitness club and start exercising…. 

I decided to take and aerobics class for seniors. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour. But, by the time I got my leotards on, the class was over.