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TOM; Jerry do you let your girlfriend touch your IPhone?
JERRY; Never....Never idon't do that.

TOM; But why?
JERRY; i got 2 reasons.

TOM; go a head...
JERRY; first is that i don't have IPhone & the second is that i don't have a girlfreind.

Tom laughed til he fainted

An Arab couple went 2 London

1 day in the hotel room, d husband heard his wife scream 'Faar Faar' (it is d arabic word for Mouse)

He wanted to inform Room Service but didnt know English word for Faar.

Husband: Hello Room Service?

Room Service: Yes Sir,
how can I help u?

Husband : U know Tom n Jerry?

Room Service: Yes Sir, I know Tom n Jery

Husband : Walla Habibi,
JERRY is here!

Jerry & his friend Tom loved playing football. unlikely, Tom died. in 2 weeks later, Tom visited Jerry in dreams. Jerry was so excited to see his best friend he said to him...

JERRY; Hey Tom are u back?
TOM; Jerry my friend, igot bad & gud news for you.
JERRY; Start with gud news.

TOM; Owky, de good news is that in heaven we play football & we have agame to play sutaday.
JERRY; great, what's the bad news?

TOM; The bad news is that you are on de starting line up.

Jerry fainted.

Tom And Jerry Funny Quotes

why did tom and jerry get married
Because tom was a boy and jerry was a boy and they were strong as a toliet.