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Height Of Illiteracy :

You Take A Blade And Write Your Lover’s Name On Your Arm
And Make A Spelling Mistake
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A student failed JAMB 5 times. One day, she travelled to visit her friend in UNIBEN, she fell sick & was admitted to a hospital there. She later called her mum & said.
GIRL: Hello ma

MUM: The place is silent, where are u?
MUM: Wooow finally, thank God o
GIRL: I was admitted

MUM: Thats great o. God has disgraced the witches in ur father's house dat don't want you to go to school (laughing & dancing)
GIRL: Mama na Malaria o

MUM: Malaria is a gud course o my daughter, please take it serious o
GIRL: I would b discharged tomorrow

MUM: God forbid my daughter!!!. U go complete your four years over there in Jesus name.
Girl: God punish Illiteracy!!!
Mum: Amen..... cause i heard that the lecturer is very wicked.

A pastor married an uneducated, jealous woman. One day the woman was in the kitchen cooking when she overheard his husband praying in the living room,

“Thank you Lord for bringing mercy, joy and grace into my life.” d woman ran quickly with a frying pan, whacked him on the head and said, “I knew you were a player and a fake pastor! 

You’ve just prayed for all your girlfriends, so u think I did n’t hear you! Who the hell are Mercy,
Joy and Grace???

A professor and his illiterate Wife went for an interview. The interviewer said the interview would be conducted one after the other. The professor first before his wife.

Interviewer .....
Q1 Give me the name of an Ancient philosopher who was born 384 years Before Jesus Christ ? (BC)
Professor .......Aristotle 


Q2 When did he die? Professor ......
322 years Before Christ was born

Interviewer ........ Q3

Did he leave any theory?
Professor..... Yes, but not scientifically Proven.
After the interview, the Professor told his wife the three answers before she was called for her

Interviewer .....
Q....1 What is your name madam?
Madam....... Aristotle

Interviewer .......
Q2 When were you born?
Madam ...... 322 years Before Christ
was born(BC)

Interviewer ....... Are you Mad?
Madam ..... Yes, but not scientifically Proven

An illiterate Matome was chilling with his educated friends(Lesiba and Malose)

Malose:"i love my job i can travel for free,last year I went to Mexico and UK next year I wanna go to China"

Lesiba:"wow,that is so cool I also went to Uk and next year I wanna go to Nigeria"

Malose noticed that Matome was quiet and rememberd that Matome has never been out of the country and changed the topic,
he then said:"hey Matome do you know geography?"

Matome:"oh yes,I know geography,,,my uncle stays there,I visited him once but I hate that place there are too many thugs
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