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Arranged marriage is-
Like u r walking & unfortunately a snake bites u...&

Love marriage is-
Dancing in front of a cobra & say.
Kaat ..kaat ..kaat

arranged marriage jokes

Arrange marrige se acchi love marriage kyu hoti hai?


Ni pata..

to Suno-

Anjani"CHUDEL"se to jani pehchani

"BHUTNI"hi achchi hoti hh

Arrange marriage these days is the agreement between two broken hearts
arranged marriage funny quotes

Jiska koi nahi hota uski arranged marriage hoti hai

love marriage vs arranged marriage funny quotes

Arranged Marriage -
Rs.6,00,000 Shadi
Rs.4,00,000 jewellry
Shadi ki Rasme
Love Marriage -
Rs.100 ka Stamp paper
Rs.20 Notary
Rs.50 ki Varmaala
Rs.20 ka Photo
Total Rs.190
Paisa apka
Pasand apki
Faisla apka
jago grahak jago
lover k sath bhago

Why Do Girls Prefer Arrange Marriages?







Bcoz an Unknown Namuna Is
Better Than A Well Known Kameena.

Arrange marriage ke bhi apne fayde hain kabhi kabhi aisi ladki mil jaati hai Jo saat janmon mein
nahin pat sakti.
-Abhishek Bachchan

Arranged marriage is like
an unknown friend request on facebook.

Court marriage karni hai ya mummy papa se puchh kar arrange marriage karni hai.

Ladki ne kaha hum gareeb hain aur mere papa abhi shadi ka kharcha nahi utha sakte


Main apne parents ki bahut respect karti hoon main ghar se bhagne ki bajay mar jana pasand karungi.

Lekin aap mere parents se baat kar sakte hain baiki ve jaisa kahenge vaisa hoga.

Ladke ne kaha “mujhe kya objection hoga" maine kaun sa
dahej ki demand rakhni hai.

Tum kah rahi ho to main baat kar lunga.

Ladka unke ghar jata hai aur unke mata-pita se baat karta hai.

Ladki ke pita ne kaha mere paas to sirf 1000 rupaye pade

Main shadi kaise karun ladke ne kaha shadi to hajar rupaye mein bhi ho jati hai.

Ladki ke papa ne kaha wo kaise ladke ne kaha aap kal mere saath chalna.

Agle din ladka aata hai aur kahta hai apne family ke khas khas logo ke saath mere saath chaliye.

Vo sab uski gaadi mein baith jaate hain thodi door jakar ek sweet shop ke saamne ladka gadi rokta hai.

Aur kahta hai papaji aap 2 kilo badiya wali sweets le aaiye.

Vo sweets le aate hain uske baad ladka ek court ke saamne gaadi rokta hai or court mein ladki ke saath shadi ka registration karvata hai.

Ladka kahta hai pitaji ho gai shadi ab aap mithai baant dijie aur ho gai is 1000 rapaye ki mithai mein shadi,

aapko aur koi kharcha nahi karna hai ladki ke father ki aankhon mein aansu aa jate hain.

Lekin ek mahine baad hi ladke ki ek accident mein maut ho jati hai.

Ladki accidental spot per pahuchti hai to dead body dekh kar behosh ho jati hai.

Ladke ka postmortum hota hai aur dead body aur khoon se lathpath kapde ghar aa jate hain.

Ladke ka antim sanskar kar diya jata hai.

Ladki ne wo khoon se sane kapde dhobi ko dhone ke liye diye.

Dhobi ne kaha madam ye kapde fenk dijiye.

Ye bekar ho gaye hain aur ye daag ab jaane wale nahi hain.

Lekin ladki ne kaha tum rahne do.

Mere paas ye kapde unki yaad ke taur par rahenge main in kapdo ko kisi ko nahi dungi.

Ladki ne kapde khud dhoye lekin khoon ke daag nahi gaye.

Ladki so gai sapne mein ladki ko ek budhiya najar Aai.

Usne kaha Ye daag aise nahi jaane wale.

{Ha Ha Ha Ha}

Ladki dar kar uth jati hai agle din ladki ne kapde fir dhoye.

Lakin daag nahi gaye raat ko ladki ko fir wahi bhayanak chehre wali budhiya najar aai.

Usne kaha ye daag aise nahi jaane wale.

{Ha Ha Ha Ha}

Aise ek hafte tak chalta raha.

Ladki ke liye sona mushkil ho gaya ek din ladki ke ghar Ki ghanti baji.

Ladki ne darvaja khola to darr ke mare cheekh Padi.

Vahi sapne me najar aane wali budhiya uske saamne khadi thi.

Usne kaha daro nahi beti main jaanti hoon tum kapdo ke daag se pareshan ho wo daag aise nahi jaane wale kyuki.

Asal mein tum washing powder galat istemal kar rahi ho ye lo


Isse daag jarur chale jayenge


Vo budhiya bina paise liye chali jaati hai.

ladki ne un kapdo ko (SURF EXCEL) se dhoya to daag chale gaye.

To daag nikalne ke liye


Istemal kijiye.


(mujhe bhi kisi ne pakaya hai aap bhi pakaiye dusro ko)

My story is the epitome of weirdness and/or comedy of errors.

It was made in heavens kinda match - perfect girl, cool parents (both sides), intelligent brother (her) and a beautiful sister (also hers), no awkward questions or glances or demands of making papads.

Going pretty well, all set to be 'living happily ever after types? Naah!

My father puts his hand in the pocket of the jacket (he was wearing mine) he was wearing and he found something explosive...a neatly wrapped condom pack of 12.

Only it was not mine, my roomie's, to be used that night with his gf. He took my jacket last evening (It was one popular jacket, I tell you)

My father being a Gandhian professor immediately broke the meeting and took off. We scrambled after him, apologizing profusely to the girl's family.

Once I caught up with him, he simply said you are of loose character and don't deserve such a nice girl, or any girl for that matter. No excuses accepted. Then he drove off with my mother straight to our hometown, leaving me right in the middle of the road at 11pm. I took an auto home and beat the shit outta my roomie.

Next day girl called up and asked what happened. I gave her the whole story (by this time I could see the comedy in it). She was cool with it (it helped that she knew me and my friends beforehand) and promised to keep it a secret.

I spoke to dad, told him what happened, man to man...okay a terrified man to an enraged lion of a dad. He asked me to get rid of my roomie (which I didn't, his gf was kinda cute and made awesome french toast)

So now, we are happily married for 6 years, though my wife still checks my jackets and occasionally goes through my messages. You see once you are proven a black sheep, always be ready to be doubted as one.

love marriage me sari jindagi arrange karne se achcha hai
arrange marriage me sari jindagi love karo

Who is the luckiest lover in this world??
Guess…!!! . . . . . .
A Guy who loved a girl madly, but could not propose her & gets the same girl as his wife in an arrange marriage

Santa Called @ vodafone /airtel/relaince/idea. care

A girl picked up the phone

Girl: ..........customer care mein aapka swaagat hai

Santa:thank u

Girl: mai aapki kya sahaayta kar sakti hu??

Santa:kya aap shaadi karna chahti hai mujhse??

Girl: jee aapne galat number laga diya hai

Santa:nai nai maine sahi number lagaya hai, aap shaadi karengi?

Girl: jee mai shaadi mein interested nai hu

Santa:arre madam sun toh lijiye ek baar

Girl: not interested

Santa:love marriage karengi toh honeymoon mein switzerland, arrange marriage karengi toh paris

Girl: jee mai aapse shaadi karna hee nai chahti toh aap offer kyu de rahe hai??

Santa:court marriage ka expense 10,000rs
Normal wedding ka expense 2,00,000rs
Muslim style wedding mein sirf 200rs

Girl: aapko samajh nai aata ki mujhe shaadi nai karni fir bhi aap samajte nai

Santa:ab pata chala madam aapko humara dard, jabki hume nai interest hota phir bhi aap naye naye offer ke naam per baar baar call karti rehti hai

Girl shocked, Santa rocked

Arrange Marriage.
The most famous 'adventure sport of India
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