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Aids Puns

Ek pakistani USA se apni AMMI ko phone karta hai.
KHAN:AMMI Jaan muje AIDS ho gaya hai.

AMMI:Tu wapas mat aana

AMMI: agar tu aaya to teri biwi ko AIDS hoga,
Teri biwi se teri bhai ko, teri bhai se nokrani ko,

nokrani se tere abba ko, tere abba se teri mausi ko,
Teri mausi se tere mousa ko,

Tere mousa se Muje, mujse hamare driver ko,
driver se teri behen ko,aur agar teri behen ko ho
gaya to saare gaon ko hojayega!

Tuje ALLAH ke vasta saare GAON ko bachale !

Which Network Are You Using ?

•AIDS is like MTN------Everywhere You GO
•SEX Is like Vodacom----Connecting People
•Masturbation is like Cell
C--------Power Is In Your Hand
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in form3 class
Teacher: AIDS stands for??
Sbiza: American Idea of Disturbing Sex
*Teacher Fainted*

Funny Sexually Transmitted Disease Jokes


AIDS:- hahaha i knw it,i knew they will find ur cure idiot

EBOLA:- shut up jor,u r just being jealous of me cos hv come to take over frm u mumu

AIDS:- look at dis fool o,, who is jealous of u? hw many pipo hv u killed sef dat u r now blabing bcos of u they hv built isolation unit for u in lagos.

EBOLA:- 4get i stil dey study lagos market very soon i go enter ground ode

AIDS:- abeg go si don for corner as u big reach na ordinary kolanut dem wan use cure u,,,,no worry by the time dem go begin to use gala nd lacasara cure u ehn u go knw say lagos market no easy to
penetrate anyhw idiot

Funny Hiv AIDS Jokes

1 ..Babe why should we be mean to each other remove the cd drop your dick 6ft under

2.At 50 still use a condom boy be digital let the pussy and dick enjoy independence too no condom each time that lubricant touches my skin i get rushes allover my body will you be happy when im looking ugly

4.babe it's long since I fuck3d I want to feel u deep baby pliz .

5.babe im in my safe days so just give it to me live with a condom is not sweet baby just put your dick without cd baby pliz.......she starts crying now u dont trust me .... let's do withdrawal method ....

My son was diagnosed with AIDS.

Understandably I was absolutely devastated.

My own son, a filthy homo.
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A prostitute died of AIDS. Her grand- mum went to pack her clothes and saw a G-string.
Shocked! she said "This infection is serious one oh, its even eating pants"
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