Funny Jokes On Afghanistan

An Afganistani boy took admission in an American school ...

Teacher : Whats your name ?

Boy : Nadir

Teacher : No, now you are in America, your name is Johnny from today.

Boy went home and mom asked: How was the day Nadir?

Boy : I am an American now, call me Johnny.

Mom and Dad both got offended and beat him up.

Next day he was back to school all bruised ...

Teacher : What happened Johnny ?

Boy: Ma'm, just 6 hours after I became American, I was attacked by two Afganistani terrorists :D

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Announcement in a Afghani SCHOOL:

"Students who've Parked their
cycles in front of d Gate, Plz move their cycles
to the Parking area!! After 30 mins another... announcement: "The 400 students who went to move 10 cycles plz come back to classes!" -THATS SCHOOL LIFE AT ITS BEST!

Afghanistan me Psychology ka practical ho raha tha.
Professor ne ek chuhe ke liye ek taraf cake aur doosri tarf chuhiya rakh di.
Chuha fauran cake ki tarf lapka.
Professor ne doosri baar cake ko badal kar roti rakh di.
Chuha roti ki tarf lapka.
Is tarh kai baar food items badli, magar chuha har baar food ki tarf hi bhaga.
Professor : Bas saabit ho gaya ke bhookh hi sabse badi taqat hai.
Itne me last row se awaz aai. Sir Ji, ek baar chuhiya bhi badal kar dekho lo !

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Policeman: How did you kill 50 people in a car crash ?
Afghani: I was going in my car then I suddenly lost control.
Policeman: Then what happened ?
Afghani: I saw 2 people on the right and a wedding on the tell which would I hit ?
Policeman: The 2 people on the right of course, would cause less damage.
Afghani: Exactly what I thought.
I hit the first one but then the other one ran into the wedding so I went after him ! :D