Funny Unemployment Jokes & Quotes With Pictures


4 weeks in Switzerland + London + New Zealand = 4 minute song in Bollywood

Rona Dhona x Bewafai x Badle ki aag = Your mum's favourite serials

Star Movies - Rerun + Good Movies = HBO

Amitabh Bachchan + Jaya Bachchan - Talent = Abhishek Bachchan

1 person - shirt = Salman Khan

1 hand + 2.5 kg weight = Sunny Deol

One engineer + No work = Many FB admins.

An unemployed B.TECH graduate was looking out for a suitable job in his stream. He attended several exams and many personal interviews, only to be rejected. . . . .

Being fed up after so many months of his job hunt, he decided to get into any job that can satisfy his food and daily needs. . . . . .

He visited a circus group and asked for a job. But the owner said that there wasn't any job for his education level. Also he said that there is a vacancy to act as a monkey and perform funny actions.

The unemployed youth accepted the offer since he can at least afford his daily food. . . . . . So he dressed up as a monkey and entertained the audience.

One day while he was performing the monkey skills, he accidentally fell into the lion's ring. . . . . Everyone was shocked as the monkey fell into lion's ring.

No one knew that he was a man dressed up as a monkey. The man himself was dreadful and feared for his life. He felt pity for himself as he going to be a victim of unemployment. . . . . . . . . .

The lion came closer to him but didn't attack. He was surprised. Then the lion spoke, "Darr mat main M.TECH. Hu !
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Orkut was our past. Facebook is our present...
Unemployment is our future...!
Employer: "We need someone responsible for the job." "Sir your search ends here! In my previous job whenever something went wrong,everybody said I was responsible."
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Height of Job satisfaction-
A boy got a job in girls hostel...
After 2 months owner asked: Y u don't come 2 take ur salary?
Boy: KYA..?
salary bhi milegi..!
Behind every "asli paisa to business me hi hai", there is a "haan main engineer hu, aur Infosys/TCS me job karta hu"