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Hello MBA Students, Here are some of the funniest jokes about MBA,MBA Students also you will find MBA Funny Quotes,One Liners On MBA 😄

Engineer to MBA student:" Can u kiss that pretty Girl..

MBA student:" Yes Of Course!!

Engineer :" If u Can! I Will give u 1000 Rs!

MBA student:" O.K Done!!

MBA student gone to near that Girl& Said:" I Can Kiss u without Touching you!

Girl:" Impossible n (laugh)

MBA Student:" Lagi 500 Rs ki...

Girl:" O.K Done!

MBA Student Tightly Kissed her!

Girl Soughed:" you Cheat me!
You Can not kiss me without touching me!

MBA Student:" O.K to Roti kyu hai, Ye le 500 Rupiye

MBA Student Received Rs 1000 from Engineer & give Rs 500 to that Girl.
Dont challenge MBA,
They can do anything.
This is called Financial Management.

MBA student hugs a girl.
Girl:what is this ?
MBA student: Direct Marketing
Girl slaps MBA student
Student:What is this?
Girl:Customer's Feedback ! :D

Funny full forms of MBA

Mai Banunga Ambani...
Married But Available.
Main Bekar Admi.
Master of Bad Activities;
Moderate Bachelor Available;
Mast Busy Aaadmi
Mahina Bhar Aaraam
Murga banana aagaya
Maal Bechkehi Aana

Bhaad mein gaya MBA...ab sirf Fair & Lovely lagane se 3 saal mein paye "Acchi job,Own House And Well Settled Life

B.Tech karne ke bad M.B.A. karna utna hi jaruri hai,
jaise marne ke bad tehrvi jaruri hai, hota kuchh nahi par
Atma ko shanti milti hai ;)
Q: What difference does the MBA do a student?

A: It teaches him about strategy, finance, ROI and ensures that he understands these by putting him in about 100,000$ in debt.