Funny Bar & Bartender Jokes-These Jokes Will Surely Make You Laugh

All of us love going to bar.And we also notice some funniest things over there. Yeah, If you know what I mean😆 So In this article you will get some funny jokes about bar & bartenders.
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Bartender: Who Are You?
I've never seen you before...
Man: Yeah! I just lost my job and came here for a drink
Bartender: What kind of Job?

Man: Well. I am a Consultant.
Bartender: Whats that?
Man: Its a logical thinker.
Bartender: Logical Think, what?

Man: Let me explain it with an Example.
Do you have a dog?
Bartender: Yes!
Man: That means you love animals
Bartender: True!
Man: That mean you love your kids too.
Bartender: Yes True!

Man: You have Kids, that means you are Married.
Bartender: Very True!
Man: You love your Kids. You are still married, means you have a beautiful Wife.
Bartender: Amazing man!
How do you know all these?
Man: Thats logical thinking now you are married to a lady, so you are not Gay!
Bartender: Impressive!
Man: Time to leave. Bye!

(About 20 mins, later the Bartender's Boss Comes)
Bartender: Boss, you know I met a Consultant today.
Boss: Consultant!!Whats that??
Bartender: A logical thinker.
Boss: Logical what??

Bartender: I'll explain it with an Example
Boss: Okay!
Bartender: Do you have a DOG?
Boss: No!
Bartender: That means you are Gay!
Bar tender lost the job.
A man walks up to a bar in a Massachusetts's stadium.
"I got a complaint about that rum & coke you just served me!" He yells.
"I gave you a shot of my best rum. What's wrong with it?" asks the Bartender
The man says, "The rum's okay but the soda's flat."

The Bartender takes a sip, frowns, and mumbles,
"That's the last time I let the Quarterback help fix the drinks.
A Grape walks into a bar with a black eye. The Bartender recognizes him & says "Hey! Didn't you leave here last night with 2 good looking strawberries?" Grape nods yes.
Bartender points to his eye & asks "What happened?"
The Grape replies "My girlfriend showed up & caught me in a jam.
1st Challenge From Adam Maurasse...
A guy walks into a bar. Bartender asks for his order.
Guy says: I dunno. Make me something that will help me forget my rotten day at work".

Bartender replies "I make one that has a shot of Ouzo, Patron, and a dose of Viagra. It's sweetened with a spoonful of honey & topped off with a dash of bitters to give it an edge. It'll leave you feeling sexy, feisty and unable to move for hours."
Guy says "WOW, sounds good! What do you call it?"
Bartender says "Facebook!"
guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender to get him a beer. 

The bartender asks, "Which one?"

The guy says, "Any one, as long as its not Carling."

The bartender then asks, "What's wrong with Carling?"

So the guy says, "Nothing, its just the last time I drank Carling I went home and blew chunks!"

So the bartender says, "That's what happens when you have too much beer" 
So the guy says, "No, you don't understand. My dog's name is Chunks."